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My main purpose is to give joy to people through my creations. I am proud that I am able to offer UNIQUE and AFFORDABLE pieces of jewelry,that in a certain way will make people feel unique!In our collection, you will be able to find Necklaces Earrings Bracelets and Full Sets of JewelryOur latest additions are polymer clay creations.We offer raw material, cabochons pendants, and beads for resale.And you can also find ready-made jewelry from polymer clay and resin.It’s tempting to buy something made from a machine if you need to save money. But think about it this way — purchasing a custom made jewelry is kind of like buying an original painting versus a poster print of famous artwork. Sure, the poster has some aesthetic merit, but the original contains that special touch by the artist. Here’s a look at what you’re paying for when you buy an artisanal piece.For this same reason and to boost the myth we are here to offer handcrafted jewelry at really affordable pricesWe got Jewelry for every taste, from simple pieces until the fanciest and most extravagant pieces.We take order for personalized handmade jewelry.If you have a piece of jewelry that you dream about, get in touch now for a free quote for a custom made jewelry.

The Handmade Pendant Collection

Explore our wide range of handmade pendant necklaces, we offer classic and modern styles suitable for every occasion. Featuring crystals, gemstones, drop pendants, charm pendants, and many more.

Each necklace comes with a chain just as seen in the pictures. The chain can be changed to a different size,

free of charge for all the necklaces in this category. Please mention the chain size you would like when you place your order. If no size change is requested will be sent out with the size written in the description

FREE worldwide delivery for all our products.