Handmade Jewelry Sets


Coordinate your jewelry style with matching jewelry pieces. Find matching necklace earring and bracelet sets.

Each of the jewelry sets come with a jewelry box and with the possibility to add your own personalized

message free of charge. You can see an example picture on the product page. Make this gift even more

unique, or just simply treat yourself! Browse through our large collection of handmade jewelry sets.

You can find creations for every event, elegant gala dinner, bridal jewelry, wedding wear, or simple jewelry sets

that are easy to wear with jeans. We create jewelry with three different techniques to be able to offer something for every taste. If you haven't found the perfect piece, contact us for a custom order.


About Our Techniques

Polymer Clay - We are often questioned about what polymer clay is. It is an uprising fashion.

It is a modern material, a specific type of sculptural material that can be molded by hand and baked in the oven.

Beaded - Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stringing them with a sewing needle

or beading needle. There is a huge variety of beading styles and types.Within our collections you will be able to find a large and different choice of styles, used to create all kind of shapes and ideas, from simple to statement pieces, from regular to precious stones


Macrame - While macramé isn't new by any means, this technique is seeing a surge in most-wanted jewelry, accessories, and fashion as the '70s and retro trends continue to revive. Macramé is a technique of knotting cord, often seen in household decor

such as plant hangers but macramé is no stranger to using in jewelry, belts, purses, and more.

Macrame is what our jewelry making journey started, and it is our favorite technique.

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